Müller 12 Gauge PERAZZI Gen 4 (18.7/.736" bore) Choke Tube - MacWet Gloves

Müller 12 Gauge PERAZZI Gen 4 (18.7/.736" bore) Choke Tube

If you are unsure of whether your Perazzi is an 18.4 or 18.7 bore, you can find out by checking your barrel. Perazzi barrels are stamped with 18.4 or 18.7 under the forend, near the receiver. Finding this stamp will help you to select the right choke when ordering. If you still have the factory chokes, they also are stamped with the bore size.

Please select the chokes you would like to purchase from the drop down. For multiple selections add them individually to the Cart and then return to this page by hitting the back button on your browser:

On this page you are selecting 18.7 Bore.

Constriction Guide:
Ü0: Cylinder/Skeet
Ü1: Skeet/Improved Cylinder (I.C.)
Ü2: Light Mod./Modified
Ü3: Modified/Improved Modified (I.Mod)
Ü4: Full/Extra Full

All Chokes are shipped in a protective plastic tube. A Negrini compact choke case that fits 5 Muller extended chokes is also available. Click here to purchase.

If you are unsure about which choke is right for your gun, please email us for assistance. Please note that it is the buyer's responsibility to know which choke their gun takes and if there has been any after-market work done on their barrel.