Randolph Engineering - RE Ranger

Randolph Engineering Inc 

Founded in 1972 Randolph has became one of the leading optical tool & die companies in the World.

Famed by the Mil-Spec Aviator sunglasses for the United States Air Force, Randolph expanded into the commercial sunglass market and
today Randolph remains an iconic brand accelerated by a growing demand for genuine, well-made products.

Overall Quality and Frame Technology

Randolph Engineering products are famed for their quality and durability. Each pair of sunglasses goes through more than 200 production stages – mostly by hand. As a result, the frames provide unequaled strength and solder joint integrity.
In the drive for superior quality, Randolph scour the world for the best components and special alloys – with tight molecular structure to eliminate rusting and oxidation. Randolph do not compromise quality even when selecting something as trivial as a lens screw. The nose pads are made of soft silicone to prevent the frames from slipping, even during heavy perspiration. While fashion may fade in and out of the marketplace, the quality found in Randolph Engineering products will never go out of style.

Randolph feel so strongly about the quality of their products that they will repair or replace any broken solder joint for the lifetime of the frame (assuming normal use).

Lens Technology – RE Ranger Series

Whether you’re piloting an F18 fighter jet, driving, hunting, fishing or any shooting discipline, you need the best lenses available to protect your eyes and enhance your vision. Quality lenses will not only protect your eyes from hazards, they’ll actually elevate your performance and prevent your eyes from becoming fatigued. Those who are serious about the quality of their vision depend on Ranger lenses to perform, no matter the goal.

Although all Ranger lenses absorb 100% of UV rays and are molded at above industry standard thickness for your protection, the best advantages to wearing the lenses are enhanced definition and optical clarity. Unlike other shooting lenses, Rangers are made with distortion-free optical-grade polycarbonate. This gives you the level of protection you need while not compromising the quality of your vision.

Any serious shooter or outdoor enthusiast will benefit from the right lens tints, although choosing which tints will work for you can be difficult. Here are 3 important factors to consider while selecting your tints:

Confidence Level - What tints have you used in the past? Most likely, the tint you’re most accustomed to will give you the most comfort and confidence while shooting.

Light Conditions - The trick is to get your eyes as focused as possible. Your pupils regulate the amount of light that enters your eyes - just like a camera shutter. In low light, your pupils enlarge to allow more light into your eyes. As a result, your eyes become less focused. In bright light, your pupils decrease in size and allow your eyes to focus on distant objects. A simple rule to get maximum focus on a target is to use a lens tint that lets as much light in as possible without squinting your eyes. To follow this rule, you’ll need different lens tints to use in varying light conditions.

Background - What background are your targets in front of? You’ll want to use different lens tints according to the colors of your background to highlight your target. For instance, if you’re shooting orange clay targets in front of green trees, you’ll most likely want purple or vermilion lenses that dull greens and highlight oranges.

If your background has glare, such as water, you’ll most likely want to use a polarized lens. See the tint descriptions on pages 13-14 as a guide to help you choose the lenses that are right for you.

NexPC™ Lens Technology

The next revolution in polycarbonate lenses. NexPC
is 5-6 times more impact resistant than standard polycarbonate with the same professional grade optics. Intrinsic material properties flex to absorb the force of projectiles before they reach your eye. During everyday use they remain 100% distortion free and scratch resistant.

ColorMag™ Lens Technology

When a split second counts, you want every possible edge. Change the way you see orange with ColorMag™ (CMT) lenses. See up to 250% more orange light than a standard lens without adding an orange hue to everything else.



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