K-80 Pro Trap Information and Specifications


The K-80 Pro Rib features a Floating Rib suspended higher above the barrel than the conventional Trap competition shotgun. The higher rib design and corresponding higher stock allow the shooter to keep their head in a more erect position on the stock, thereby increasing sight range and allowing for quicker target acquisition, reduced neck fatigue, and reduced perceived recoil.

A specially designed adjustment wheel fitted to the rib allows the shooter to select a flat shooting 50/50 POI or a slightly higher 60/40 POI by using a sight picture of bead behind bead. Both POI settings are approximations and can differ slightly. A higher POI of 70/30 is also possible by using a figure eight sight picture.

Barrel lengths of 30″ and 32″, both complete with Tapered Flat Adjustable Floating Rib and standard factory Steel choke tubes with the option of Titanium choke tubes.

Elevated Floating Rib | Quicker Target Acquisition | Less Perceived Recoil

Specifications and Options

Gauge: 12 Gauge; 3“ chambers
– 30“, CT/CT (Std: 5 x Steel chokes), Tapered Flat adjustable Floating Rib
– 32“, CT/CT (Std: 5 x Steel chokes), Tapered Flat adjustable Floating Rib
POI’s of 50/50, 60/40 or a higher 70/30 (obtained by shooting a figure eight sight picture)
Rib: Tapered Flat Floating Rib - 12-8mm
Chokes: Choke Tubes (CT) bottom and top, 5 Steel Chokes included (5 Titanium Chokes are optional).
Available chokes: Cylinder (C, #00), Skeet (S, #0), Super Skeet (SSK, #0+ in Titanium only) Improved Cylinder (IC, #1), Light Modified (LM, #1+), Modified (M, #2), Light Improved Modified (LIM, #2+), Improved Modified (IM, #3), Full (F, #4), and Super Full (SF, #5).
Sights: White pearl front bead and metal center bead.
Action: Case hardened, nickel plated steel receiver with satin grey finish.
Trigger: Single selective mechanical trigger, adjustable for finger length. Trigger pull: Approximately 3-3/4 lbs.
Safety: Top tang push button safety. Can be locked in “off“ position.
Fine-checkered select Turkish walnut with satin epoxy finish.
Pro Trap Stock with Adjustable Comb paired with a Trap forearm.
Grade/Engraving: Standard is Arabesque scroll engraving. Optional engravings available.
Weight: Approximately 8 3/4 lbs.
Case: All K-80 guns come in a deluxe Krieghoff fitted hard case made by Negrini.